Samstag, 1. Dezember 2012

Update from my last weeks (◕‿◕✿) /Outfits/Pics

Hey my dear cuties ~
It's a while ago, that I have write a new blogentry ... sorry ... but there are so many things to do for me in this moment.  First of all, the school.  .________. 
Therefore there are a few outfitpictures of me that come together in 
the recent weeks ^_______~

♥ Top - New Yorker
♥ Jeans - Olymp & Hades
♥ Shoes - Demonia
♥ Belt - MIK
♥ Spikehairband - Coffin Candy
♥ Necklace - hand-made by MeltyWish

  ♥ Necklace - MeltyWish ♥

~ Spikehairband - Coffin Candy ~

♥ Sweater - Criminal Damage
♥ Skirt - H&M
♥ Loosesocks - claire's 
♥ Spikeboots - Deichmann
♥ Jewelry - Gina Tricot
♥ Spikehairband - Coffin Candy

dumb face sweater o___O

my absolutely favorite Winterrockboots 

♥ T-Shirt - the GazettE
♥ Top - Primark
♥ Jeans - Olymp & Hades
♥ Boots - kleiderkreisel
Wristband and Headband - Bijou Brigitte, claire's and from French
♥ LM.C Plektrum Necklace - japan discoverie
♥ An Cafe Button - NiCon
♥ Belt - MIK

the GazettE - Under Ground Jockers *_____*

and yesterday I've met my sweety Liz in the Hannover City ...

YummY ~ Dulce Ice ~ YummY

and I shop a little in my new love, Gina Tricot ♥ okay it's not the best shop and 

there are so much hipster mode ... but I really like the simple designs and the fabrics ~


I found it in the Gina Tricot SALE. The T-Shirt for around 4,95€ and 
the necklace for only 1,50€ ♥♥♥

and in the end my 3 earwigs in the last weeks o.O

1. Kyraypamyupamyu - Candy Candy

2. Kyarypamyupamyu - PONPONPON

3. Beth Hart - Sister Herion (live in Rockpalast)

Samstag, 3. November 2012

CrEePy ~ CuTe HaLlOwEeN

Hey there !!!!! ^_____^
One of my favorite days of the year is now over ... 
I talking about:

I love this day since 4 years ^^ creepy costumes, creepy atmosphere, fake blood and horrormovies are soooooo perfect for me and my mood XD 

The Halloween night I went to my friend Jenny and we celebrate with 
more 5 friends ... HALLOWEEN. 
- At first, we decorated the room ...
- Secondly, I made "Almerstopf" a German stew ... it tastes divine ~
- Thridly, we ate and played Scrabble >_____< (I hate this game soooo much because I 
find it's boring ... but my team has winning this game ^^')
- Fourthly, was the highlight of the evening ... we watched CREEP *_____*
(a very good horrormovie)

That was my Halloween :D But in my opinion and taste could be Halloween 
for me every day XD 

Now, some creepy~cute pictures of my Halloween Outfit !!!
creepy~cute bloody cat ♥

♥ Skirt - Forever 18
♥ Tee - Primark
♥ Tight - Noname
♥ Socks - Monki
♥ Shoes - Demonia
♥ Earring - hand-made
♥ Catears - claire's

Trick or Treat 🎃

o___O OMG ... my stupid view ^^'

meow ~

Candy for the evening ♥♥♥

creepy cups ^_____^ (Franken Stein was mine)

other lovely room decoration

and finally the trailer of CREEP:

So ... how was your Halloween ???
What is your favorite Horrormovie ??? 
Did you have fun ???
I really hope ☆ ^______~ ☆

Freitag, 26. Oktober 2012 ☆ NAUGHTY but NERDY: Shirtoween (+ Gewinnspiel) ☆ NAUGHTY but NERDY: Shirtoween (+ Gewinnspiel)

Fledermaus - Hexenhaus
Knochenskelett ist doch nett
Monstermann - Geisterkram
Wer will was aus Asu Rocks online shop haben !!!

... Trick or Treat ...

Marylin Manson - This Is Halloween

... HaPpY HaLlOwEeN ... mini_ghost

Freitag, 19. Oktober 2012

Coffin Candy OnlineShop Review 。*:★(´・ω・人・ω・`)。:゜★。

Hey my readers   
Today I'm gonna make a short review about a great onlineshop which name is:

Coffin Candy  
A very lovely girl are making cool hairbands-, clothes- and shoes with  rivets.
Short information and description:
"Shoes, clothes and \m/-wear - from the crypt - rock your bones! ^____^
STUDS, STUDS, STUDS, Blingbling, Pentagrams & crosses!!!!
Das Prinzip ist ganz einfach: Ich schnappe mir Haarreifen/ Schuhe/ Klamotten/ Schmuck und mache sie zu etwas Einzigartigem.
Falls ihr an irgendetwas Interesse habt, könnt ich mir gerne schreiben.
Auch Sonderwünsche kommen hier nicht zu kurz.
Dies betrifft Haarreifen, Schuhe, Lederjacken, Ohrringe - ALLES!
Trau dich! ^____~"

First I want to show you what I've bought there.

I've ordered for the first time two weeks ago and I've see the shop random on facebook.
I was immediately enthusiastic. ^______^
So I've wrote the dear Coffin Candy and ordered this cool rivet hairband:

The quality is very good and the rivest are pure metal.
The hairband is universal also for every head.

A few days later came my ingeniously package to me  


Some pics from me ~

So far my dear readers.
Now some informations and my opinion.

- convenience: ★★★★★
- durability: ★★★★★
- processing: ★★★★★
- service: ★★★★★(the designer is very nice and you can ask them for 
  your personal wishes)
- prices: ★★★★★ (the prices are very fair)
Result, this wasn't my last order in this shop. ^^ The designer are lovely, the prices are fair and the items are looking sooooo cool < 3 
I'm happy that I've found this cool shop ~

Are you interested ??? Please take a look: 


and finally a song for my taste ^^'

Donnerstag, 27. September 2012

Outfit Preview for the NiCon ^____________^

In less two weeks is the NiCon (05-07.10.2012)   *happy*
The NiCon is a little Anime-Convention in Hannover (Germany) ~
In the last two years I was always Fairy Kei or Decora ... 
but this year  I think about my new/old Visual Kei style to remain faithful ^^°

here are small details about my deliberate outfits:
it's my saturday styling xD 

and this is probably my Sunday outfit ...

Which outfit do you like more ???
Or should I wear Fairy Kei again ???