Freitag, 19. Oktober 2012

Coffin Candy OnlineShop Review 。*:★(´・ω・人・ω・`)。:゜★。

Hey my readers   
Today I'm gonna make a short review about a great onlineshop which name is:

Coffin Candy  
A very lovely girl are making cool hairbands-, clothes- and shoes with  rivets.
Short information and description:
"Shoes, clothes and \m/-wear - from the crypt - rock your bones! ^____^
STUDS, STUDS, STUDS, Blingbling, Pentagrams & crosses!!!!
Das Prinzip ist ganz einfach: Ich schnappe mir Haarreifen/ Schuhe/ Klamotten/ Schmuck und mache sie zu etwas Einzigartigem.
Falls ihr an irgendetwas Interesse habt, könnt ich mir gerne schreiben.
Auch Sonderwünsche kommen hier nicht zu kurz.
Dies betrifft Haarreifen, Schuhe, Lederjacken, Ohrringe - ALLES!
Trau dich! ^____~"

First I want to show you what I've bought there.

I've ordered for the first time two weeks ago and I've see the shop random on facebook.
I was immediately enthusiastic. ^______^
So I've wrote the dear Coffin Candy and ordered this cool rivet hairband:

The quality is very good and the rivest are pure metal.
The hairband is universal also for every head.

A few days later came my ingeniously package to me  


Some pics from me ~

So far my dear readers.
Now some informations and my opinion.

- convenience: ★★★★★
- durability: ★★★★★
- processing: ★★★★★
- service: ★★★★★(the designer is very nice and you can ask them for 
  your personal wishes)
- prices: ★★★★★ (the prices are very fair)
Result, this wasn't my last order in this shop. ^^ The designer are lovely, the prices are fair and the items are looking sooooo cool < 3 
I'm happy that I've found this cool shop ~

Are you interested ??? Please take a look: 


and finally a song for my taste ^^'


  1. Hast du super gemacht~
    Ich glaube ich bestelle da auch mal~

  2. Danke schön ~ sie ist auch eine total Liebe und hat meinen Eintrag auch auf ihrer fb Seite verlinkt + Foto *freu*