Donnerstag, 27. September 2012

Outfit Preview for the NiCon ^____________^

In less two weeks is the NiCon (05-07.10.2012)   *happy*
The NiCon is a little Anime-Convention in Hannover (Germany) ~
In the last two years I was always Fairy Kei or Decora ... 
but this year  I think about my new/old Visual Kei style to remain faithful ^^°

here are small details about my deliberate outfits:
it's my saturday styling xD 

and this is probably my Sunday outfit ...

Which outfit do you like more ???
Or should I wear Fairy Kei again ???


  1. Darling, darling~ I hope all will work well at this weekend.

  2. Also die Outfits finde ich echt super toll ^__^ obwohl ich deine Fairy Kei Sachen auch sehr schön finde, besonders passt das so schön zu eurem tollen Schmuck ^_^ aber Abwechslung darf ja auch mal sein :3 gut aussehen wird es so oder so ^^

    1. oh danke schön ~ Ich liebe ja auch Fairy Kei ... aber zur Zeit fühle ich mehr Visual Kei XD

  3. i simply LOVE your style!!!
    imma follow you


    1. awwww ... thank you my dear ~
      that's really lovely from you :D