Donnerstag, 6. September 2012

So Many J-Rock Stuff o.O

Since 3 years, I'm convinced J-Rock Fan ... ^______^
My absolute favorite bands are: the GazettE, Plastic Tree, Miyavi, Alice Nine,
LM.C, MUCC, SuG, An Cafe and so many more ... ^^°
In these years I have accumulated so many J-Rock stuff ... from T-Shirts, Picks to Fans XD 
see for yourself ------>

this is my Miyavi Handycase :D I bought it this year on the LBM ~

and this is my Miyavi Fan ... I bought it 2009 on the NiCon

this are my Buttons from Miyavi, the GazettE and An Cafe
I bought 2010 on the NiCon *happy*

this is my Miyavi pencil case from his This Iz The Japanese Kabuki Rock Tour 2008 ... 
I bought it on kleiderkreisel for only or 5€  ~

my Miyavi scarf I also bought on kleiderkreisel too ^____~

these are my 4 Picks from the GazettE (Uruha red-black and Aoi black-gold), 
LM.C (Aiji black-white) and Alice Nine (Saga the big red-black) 
and now I'll show you 6 of my J-rock T-Shirts:

Alice Nine Rainbows Tour 2008

An Cafe Tour  2009

the GazettE "Underground Jockers Japan" European Tour 2007

Plastic Tree Chandelier World Tour 2006

Miyavi Neo Tokyo Samurai Black Tour 2009-2010

Miyavi What's My Name? World Tour 2011 (front from T-Shirt)

Miyavi What's My Name? World Tour 2011 (back from T-Shirt)

and now I'll show you finally have my CD and DVD collection:

the GazettE
- STACKED RUBBISH limited Edition album
- DIM limited Edition album
- Before I Decay single with photo booklet

the GazettE
- NIL album
- TOXIC album

Plastic Tree
- Fukurou single with post card
- Alone Again Wonderful World single 
  with DVD
- Chandelier album
- Nega To Poji album

- Miyavizm album
- Miyaviuta ~Dokusou~ album
- Senor, Senora, Senorita single

- Wonderful Wonderholic album
- 88 single with DVD
- Strong Pop album

Alice Nine
- Mirror Ball single with DVD
- Fantasie single with DVD
- Number Six single with DVD

- Saishuu Ressha single with German
  booklet ;D

- artman single 

the GazettE
- Meaningless Art That People Showed At 
  Yokohama Arena Tour 2006-2007 Decomposition
   Beauty Final

So my Lovely's ... 
I hope you survived and hold me not so much for CrAzY XDDDD


  1. Du Fangirly♥ Du brauchst dringend noch mehr DVD's *haha*

  2. ja da hast du recht ... aber vorher möchte ich noch ganz dringend zwei CDs haben ^____^

  3. Aww you've so much J-Rock Stuffs ♥♥♥ I love the Miyavi Handycase :3