Montag, 25. März 2013

shopping addiction

Hey my cuties (o´ω`o)
Two weeks have passed already since my last blog entry. (。-_-。)
Sorry for this but in 11 days I am writing my first baccalaureate exam (✖╭╮✖)
and I'm really scared  to fail it ;_________;
... well no matter I'm learning and learning and learning ... and if I don't even learn
I bought new clothes *happy*    (●´∀`●) because after I've sorted out my old clothes 
and old shoes today ... I thought that I can buy new clothes again after  
space was created for it.  (´ω`★)
and here are my new orders in the last weeks:


This creepy-cute bone tattoo tight is from an ebay shop and has cost only 4,00€.

And this tattoo tight gun is from another ebay shop and has cost 3,00€.

OMG I ♥♥♥ THIS TOP ... it's from and has cost 11,00€

... okay I know this sunglasses are soooo hipster at time ... but sorry I love it so much 
too and for the summer it's really great to wear it (☆^O^☆) 
price: 6,00€

☆.。.:*・ It's from Listen Flavor and I bought it from kleiderkreisel for only 8,00€.
German readers may know it. It's something like a fleamarket via Internet. ☆.。.:*・

and finally my last thing what I bought in the last weeks was this cool
spike shoes  ^___________________^ (hehe my mother bought it for me)

the voice of distant star ☆彡

This wonderful coord is borrowed from my best friend Liza
(and no chance I'm not change my style ... sorry ...  I love Visual Kei too much ^^')

sweet Lolita duo ♥♥♥

Thank you for reading 
<3 xxx <3

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  1. You are still my sweet darling, no matter what you'll wearing. I hope my orders will came as fast as possible too♥